Memorial Day Weekend: DUI Crackdown

It’s the unofficial start to Summer 2018! It’s time to dust off the grill, fill up the cooler and most importantly designate a driver after the night is over!

A drunk driver costs 28 people their lives each day in the United States. As Memorial Day has been labeled the unofficial start to Summer people hit the road for trips, vacations and other fun activities. However when the night is coming to an end people don’t always take into account how much alcohol they’ve consumed. It’s crucial to remember that your designated driver is not the one who’s had the least to drink!

What’s at stake:

During the holiday weekend patrons at the bar or guests at the house party will surely consumer alcohol, however they’re not always doing so in a responsible manner. That being said there are plenty of ways to enjoy your night out and make sure you get home safely.


  • Designate a driver
  • Stay the night
  • Taxi
  • Uber
  • Sobriety

A poll taken by AAA says that over 30 million people plan to hit the road during Memorial Day weekend. Be smart and have a designated driver! Don’t let one bad decision ruin your entire Summer! Multiple checkpoints will be enforced all weekend long, this circles back to the point made in earlier… drive sober or get pulled over.

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