Protect Your Home This Winter!

We’re still in the heart of the Winter months. Living in the Northeast us Long Islanders experience some of the harshest weather the Winter has to offer. Though we are inside and safe from the cold it’s imperative to keep our home in tip top shape in the event of a major loss resulting from the harsh weather.

As we’re stuck inside during the Winter months it’s important we heat our home safely. It’s our responsibility as homeowners to maintain our heating systems. Here are some helpful tips to remember:

  • Inspect your furnace regularly.
  • Schedule annual maintenance service to ensure equipment is working properly.
  • Clear out space around furnace (clothes, bedding, curtains, rugs).
  • Make sure the thermostat is working.
  • Clear exhaust vent after it snows. Also make sure vent is free of leaves, debris & animal nests.

When extreme cold hits it’s crucial to keep an eye on your pipes in the event they freeze. We need access to our plumbing for the shower and cooking so being vigilant of our pipes freezing is critical! In the event they freeze during a cold spell it’s important to be at home to properly handle the situation. The following are some good measures to take:

  • Use electrical heat tape on the pipe until it thaws out. (Remember to use certified approved tape and be sure not to over apply as it could be a risk to start a fire.)
  • Wrap the pipe in cloths or towels and pour hot water on the pipe until it begins to thaw.
  • A hand operated blow dryer can be utilized as well. Hold up to the pipe from a distance, when water begins to drip out of the faucet it indicates the pipe is thawing.


Before attempting any of the following methods to thaw out your frozen pipes open the faucet to where the frozen pipe supplies. If you thaw a pipe and the water has no escape this can cause the pipe to burst.

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