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Get Your Boat Ready For Spring!

Springtime is almost upon us! Now is the time to get your boat ready to get out on the water. However before setting sail it's crucial you're taking the proper steps to de-winterize your boat. It's important to inspect your boat and all equipment for any necessary repairs. If anything needs to be addressed before getting out on the water make sure to
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Important Tips About Snow Blower Safety!!!

This Winter just doesn't seem to let up. As a result of the additional snowfall we've been having we are forced to use our snow blower more frequently. Before you clear the snow from your driveway be sure to remember the following facts and safety tips before starting up your snow blower: Snow Blower Prep Try to remember before starting up the snow
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FAQ’s: What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

Crash!!! You we're just involved in a car accident. It's a stressful ordeal to go through since property damage and bodily injury can be involved. When involved in a crash first thing to remember, stay calm. Taking this necessary first step allows you to properly handle the situation. Now that you've taken that deep breath you can assess the
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Protect Your Home This Winter!

We're still in the heart of the Winter months. Living in the Northeast us Long Islanders experience some of the harshest weather the Winter has to offer. Though we are inside and safe from the cold it's imperative to keep our home in tip top shape in the event of a major loss resulting from the harsh weather. As we're stuck inside during the Winter
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Why Should I Have A Personal Umbrella Policy?

Your home means everything to you and your family. So are your cars, boats and RV's. Needless to say everything you've worked hard for means a great deal to you! Why not protect it? If you're thinking, "Well I already have insurance on all those things, what more could I need?", much more! Think of how stressful it would be that after one small
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Are You A Contractor Starting Up Again? Get A Quote Today!

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a strain on contractors everywhere. Now that things have started up again Twin Forks Insurance is here to service your insurance needs! As a contractor your reputation is everything, we couldn't agree more. This is why our prompt and professional staff takes pride in addressing your insurance needs. Here are some of the
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Four Different Activities To Pass The Time While At Home

During the Covid19 pandemic how we live our daily lives has drastically changed. However there are many ways we can keep ourselves occupied at home to pass the time. Check out some of these fun and constructive ways to pass time with friends and family while we are stuck at home. Fun Activities Let's face it watching Netflix and lying around
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NY State Covid-19 Insurance Procedures

Governor Cuomo has recently passed an executive order along with amendments to the insurance and banking regulations issued by the DFS (Department of Financial Services) to protect insurance policyholders who have been hit with financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the regulations that have been implemented are the waiving of late
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We've seen the coverage of the Coronavirus all over the news for weeks now. As the number of cases increase it's important to know what tips you can take to help you stay healthy. Some measures include being extra thorough when washing your hands and others are just common sense as staying away from people who are sick. According to the World
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