Flood Insurance on Long Island

Water Can Be Beautiful ... and Devastating
As Long Islanders, we are surrounded by water, and we revel in its beauty and enjoy its bounty. But there's a dark side too. With so much water around us, our risk of damage from a flood is higher than in many areas of the country.

Protect Yourself from Mother Nature's Fury
As we see time and time again, floods are one of the most common, and damaging, forms of natural disaster occurring throughout the U.S. Living on an island as we do, we're intimately aware of the devastating damage Mother Nature's waterworks can accomplish. You can't stop it, so we have to protect ourselves to be able to repair the damages.

Plug the Leak in your Insurance Gap
Floods are one of the single most damaging and costly elements to our homes and personal property. Only flood insurance can help restore the damage to your home and personal property from the ravages of unexpected flood waters.

Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage
Even if you're not in a high-risk area near the water, flood insurance can be an affordable and wise investment when major storms threaten your home and property.

Don't Wait for the Next Big Storm
Flood insurance policies normally contain a 30-day period before a claim can be made. Contact our personal flood insurance brokers today at 631-224-1000 for an affordable, customized rate quote on your flood insurance coverage.
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