Important Tips About Snow Blower Safety!!!

This Winter just doesn’t seem to let up. As a result of the additional snowfall we’ve been having we are forced to use our snow blower more frequently. Before you clear the snow from your driveway be sure to remember the following facts and safety tips before starting up your snow blower:

Snow Blower Prep

Try to remember before starting up the snow blower you’re going to want to work at a quicker pace. Clearing snow multiple times will be less to move overall and will reduce the likelihood your snow blower will clog.

If the snow is wet & heavy you will want to use the machine more frequently. Clearing a large amount of snow at once when heavy & wet could clog the machine.

Important to remember: Be sure to check the forecast ahead of time. If you see a big Winter storm is coming make sure you have enough gas to fill the snow blower.

What should I do if my snow blower clogs?

First things first, turn off the machine. Do not attempt to clear any clogged snow while the snow blower is still operating with the blades running.

REMEMBER: Never remove clogged snow from the snow blower with your hands or arms and never stick your arm down the chute!!! Just because the machine is turned off never assume you’re safe from injury.

Clear out the clogged snow with a broom or stick to prevent injury. Check your snow blower for additional tools, some will have an ice pick or tool attached to the device designed for removing clogged snow.

  • Keep a pair of protective goggles or eyewear ready when operating your snow blower. Rock salt or sand from snow plows could fly up from loose debris.
  • Keep focused. Remember you’re operating heavy machinery it’s important to not let yourself get distracted. You can lose control easily of the machine which can lead to injury and damage to property.
  • Do NOT consume alcohol or narcotics before operating the snow blower. Your impaired judgement can lead to an accident.
  • Keep the snow blower away from children.

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