Do You Have The Right Medical Payments Coverage On Your Auto Policy?

Getting into an automobile accident is a very high probability, especially living on Long Island. While our chances of being involved in an accident are high, an important question comes to mind: how will my family and I be covered from injuries in the event of an accident? That’s where medical payments coverage comes in handy in the event of a loss. Before we cover the importance of the coverage lets explain what it covers.

Medical payments coverage covers:

  • Medical expenses for anyone injured in your vehicle (regardless of who’s at fault)
  • Medical payments to your family members who may have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian
  • Necessary dental care as a result of an accident
  • Funeral expenses

It’s a hard enough time trying to get back on track after being involved in an automobile accident, it can be very physically and financially stressful. Having proper medical payments coverage on your policy will only ease the stress of paying a significant loss. To help paint the picture of when the coverage is needed here are some examples.

1. Suppose you get into an accident on the way home from the mall with a friend and they injure their back as a result. Any hospital bills or physical therapy costs will be covered under the policy.

2. Now picture you’re riding your bike in your neighborhood when a car backing out of their driveway hits your bike causing you to fall, injuring your leg. The same thing goes for any injuries you sustained while falling from your bike, all medical expenses are covered under the policy.

3. Lets say after getting rear ended your face hits the steering, causing you to chip a tooth. Dental coverage may not always cover a loss involved in an accident, thankfully medical payments coverage will.

4. Finally, god forbid you or a family member is killed in an automobile accident, medical payments coverage could also assist in funeral expenses. During the most traumatic time in one’s life making funeral arrangements can be a trying and emotionally stressful experience. Having financial assistance with medical payments coverage can certainly ease the burden.

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