Why Personal Property Coverage Is Essential For Homeowners

As homeowners we have a lot to be concerned about regarding the welfare of our home. However another type of coverage that’s essential to have included in your policy is personal property coverage. If a loss occurred to the foundation of your house, the homeowners policy would have it covered. But what happens when you suffer a loss to contents inside your home? That’s when personal property coverage is crucial to have.

There are a few types of personal property:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Sporting Goods
  • Electronics

You may be thinking… If my personal property is locked inside my home, why would I pay extra coverage for it? One important reason: theft. Let’s say you’re away from your home for an extended period of time whether you’re on vacation or an extended business trip. Theft would occur at a higher rate when household occupancy is lower. Burglaries are actually more than 10% higher during the Summer months when families are on vacation.

When is personal property needed?

  • During a burglary your personal property can be damaged when a thief hears an alarm sound and drops your expensive entertainment system. The damages it sustains could permanently destroy the property, forcing you to replace it.
  • Clothes are considered property too. Suppose when an intruder is rummaging through a closet and an expensive wedding dress is torn. You then need to take the dress to a tailor to repair the damage.
  • Thieves main objective is to steal another’s property. Picture your brand new mountain bike stored in your garage, during a robbery the thief takes the bike and all its accessories. You are now forced to replace the bike.

* The following losses would be covered under Personal Property Coverage. Be sure to specifically list what you want covered on your policy. 

What to in the event of a Personal Property loss:

  • Keep a detailed inventory of property covered in the event a claim needs to be filed.
  • Maintain a photographic or video record of all belongings.
  • Save all receipts in case property needs to be restored or replaced.

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