As a homeowner we have other responsibilities than paying our mortgage on time. It’s important to keep our home in good shape, both inside and out. Scheduled home maintenance is so important because it’s not just regarding the physical structure of your house, but your family’s well being. The following are some things you should keep on top off going into the Spring to avoid maintenance costs.

Indoor Maintenance

Some scheduled interior household maintenance should include monitoring and cleaning heating and cooling systems in addition to electric power sources. Some of which include:

Electrical outlets and cords

  • Stop heating hazards
  • Unplug and store away heating sources
  • Some examples are (Space heaters, portable outlets & extension cords)

Air Conditioning 

  • Have air conditioning system inspected by a professional
  • Clean out the filter properly


  • Make sure to clean out the furnace filter
  • Do the same thing with your dryer to avoid lint built up in the vent pipe

Outdoor Maintenance

In addition to the interior of your home the exterior property is just as significant to maintain. Some of the following examples are:


  • Damage from ice dams
  • Repairs to roof after fallen branches may have damaged its surface


  • Inspect trees for damage and rot.
  • Damaged trees limbs are often caused by heavy winds or snow accumulation
  • Keep trees trimmed and away from wires. If able do yourself, otherwise hire a licensed contractor.

Walkways and Driveways

  • Fill in ditches, cracks or potholes
  • Cracks and ditches in walkways could be a result of snowblower use.

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