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Q: How can I save money on insurance costs in 2018?

We’re just a month into 2018 and plenty of people have already abandoned their annual New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or stop smoking. Probably because those resolutions and their associated feelings of deprivation require lots of time and effort. But it’s never too late to make an additional resolution. Especially an easy resolution that takes almost no time and could save you money.

Long Island insurance agency, Twin Forks Insurance in Bellport, New York can help you succeed with your 2018 resolution to save money on your personal or business insurance, wherever you live in the tri-state area. The best price on insurance may be a phone call away. So, why not get a free quote on our affordable insurance options today?

With over 30 years’ experience providing personal and commercial insurance services as well as additional products such as life, wedding, and travel insurance, we pride ourselves in finding our clients exceptional coverage at affordable rates.  And we do it with a personal touch, so you’ll feel like a neighbor here–not a number.

Contact us today for a complementary insurance review or a free quote. One of our personal brokers may be able to save you money on your existing insurance or get you a competitive rate on a new policy. Think of it as “resolution insurance”.

That’s a great start for 2018. Now, you’ve still got 11 months left to tackle those tougher resolutions.


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